Citi Benefits Handbook
How the Plan Works
Who's Covered?
If you enroll in the Plan, the Plan automatically covers you, your spouse/partner, and all eligible dependent children. For details about your eligible dependents, please see the Eligibility and Participation section of this handbook.
To further support your ability to take care of your family at every stage of life, the Plus Parents option can provide valuable help for the legal needs of the parents in your life.
You must be enrolled in the MetLife Legal Plans to add or have the Plus Parents coverage. With the Plus Parents coverage, your parents and parents-in-law have access to legal guidance for issues related to estate planning, elder care, identity theft and more.
The Plus Parents coverage accommodates extended and blended families, with coverage for up to eight parents (parent/step parent and parent/step parent of the employee and parent/step parent and parent/step parent of the spouse/domestic partner for a total of 8).