Citi Benefits Handbook
Notice of Benefit Determination on Appeal
You will receive a written or an electronic notice of the benefit determination upon review. In the event your claim is denied on appeal, the notice will provide:
  • The specific reason or reasons for the denial of the appeal;
  • Reference to the specific Plan provisions on which the benefit determination is based;
  • A statement that you are entitled to receive, upon request and free of charge, reasonable access to, and copies of, all documents, records and other information relevant to your claim for benefits;
  • A statement describing any voluntary appeal procedures offered by the Plan, if applicable, and a statement of your right to bring an action under Section 502(a) of ERISA; and
  • If an internal rule or guideline was relied on in making the adverse determination, either the specific rule or guideline, or a statement that such a rule or guideline was relied on in making the adverse determination and that a copy of such rule or guideline will be provided free of charge upon request.
In the event that your appeal is denied, you have the right to bring a legal action under Section 502(a) of ERISA, provided that you file any lawsuit or similar enforcement proceeding, commenced in any forum, regarding the Plan within 12 consecutive months after the date of receiving a final determination on review of your claim or, if earlier, within two years from the date on which you were aware, or should have been aware, of the claim at issue in the suit.
The two-year limitation shall be increased any time a claim or appeal on the issue is under consideration by the appropriate fiduciary. If any different period to begin suit is specified in an insurance contract forming part of the Plan or any shorter period is specified in the rules of the Claims Administrator, that period will apply to proceedings against the insurer or with regard to the ruling of that Claims Administrator, respectively.
You and the Plan may have other voluntary alternative dispute resolution options, such as mediation. One way to find out what may be available is to contact your local U.S. Department of Labor office and your state insurance regulatory agency, as applicable. Generally, the determination reached by the Plan is final.