Citi Benefits Handbook
When Coverage Begins
If You Are an Employee
If you enroll during Annual Enrollment, your coverage will be effective January 1 and you will continue to participate for the full calendar year (January through December).
If You Are a Newly Hired or Newly Eligible Employee
If you enroll, coverage will be effective on your hire date.
You will continue to participate from the effective date through the end of the calendar year. If you go on a leave of absence and not receiving payroll deductions, your participation will continue as long as you continue to pay applicable premiums.
No Midyear Changes
Midyear changes are not permitted under this Plan, even if you have a Qualified Status Change that allows you to change other Citi benefits. Once you elect coverage, you cannot drop coverage during the plan year. However, any new family member (i.e. spouse/partner and/or eligible dependent children) are automatically covered under the Plan.
You can only make changes to your coverage during Annual Enrollment.