Citi Benefits Handbook
Benefits at a Glance
The following table summarizes the Plan services available to you and your eligible dependents:
Benefits of Participating
  • The Plan offers you and your family access to a network of attorneys for routine legal services related to personal and family legal issue.
  • Most services are covered at 100% when you use in-network attorneys. In-network services are available only in the continental United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. A reimbursement schedule applies to fees charged by out-of-network attorneys.
  • Attorneys will only provide services for U.S. legal issues solely.
  • Through MetLife's partnership with Family First, you and your family have unlimited, no cost support in finding a customized solution for your child and adult caregiving needs.
Covered Services
  • Covered legal services include all of the following:
    • Advice and consultation;
    • Consumer protection;
    • Debt matters;
    • Defense of civil lawsuits;
    • Document preparation and review;
    • Family law;
    • Immigration;
    • Real estate matters;
    • Traffic and criminal matters; and
    • Wills and estate matters.
  • Please see the list of covered services for details.
Pre-Existing Legal Matters Excluded
  • Any legal matter for which an attorney-client relationship existed prior to you joining the Plan will be excluded, and no benefits will apply.
Who's Covered
  • If you enroll for coverage, the Plan provides coverage for you and all of your eligible dependents.
  • The Plus Parents option allows you to purchase coverage for up to eight parents (parent/step parent and parent/step parent of the employee and parent/step parent and parent/step parent of the spouse/domestic partner for a total of 8). 
  • You pay the full cost of your coverage on an after-tax basis. There is a flat rate of $15 per month for coverage; $21 per month for the Plus Parents enhancement  — your cost per pay period is the same regardless of how many of your dependents are covered.
Enrolling and Making Changes
  • Enrolling: You can only enroll for coverage during Annual Enrollment or when you first become eligible (generally, as a newly hired employee or newly eligible to enroll in benefits coverage). Because there is one contribution level for legal coverage (including caregiving services through Family First), your cost for coverage does not increase if you add dependents (e.g., if you marry/enter into a partnership, or have a baby). They will be considered covered as of the date of the event. You must enroll in the MetLife Legal Plans in order to enroll your parents under the Plus Parents option.
  • Changing Coverage: You may not drop coverage during the plan year. You can only make changes to your coverage during Annual Enrollment. Midyear changes due to a Qualified Status Change are not permitted under this Plan. When you enroll, your participation is in effect throughout the plan year. You will continue to be a participant unless you (i) drop coverage during a subsequent Annual Enrollment; (ii)cease to be a benefits eligible employee; or (ii) your employment terminates.
Claims Administrator
  • The Plan's claims administrator is MetLife Legal Plans, a MetLife Company.