Citi Benefits Handbook
Claiming Benefits
The following explains when and how to file claims for covered expenses under the Plan. For more information on your rights with respect to claims, please see the Administrative Information section of this Handbook.
How to File Claims
Rules regarding claims depend on whether you receive your services in- or out-of-network, as shown below:
Source of Benefits
Claims Process
In-Network Benefits
You do not need to file a claim form.
Out-of-Network Benefits
Contact MetLife Legal Plans, the claims administrator, to obtain an out-of-network claim form. (See contact information below under "Where to Submit Claims".
To have your claim considered for benefits, you must notify MetLife Legal Plans. MetLife will send you a claim form. After the matter is finished, the claim form must be completed and returned to MetLife with the attorney's final bill. Within 60 days of MetLife's receipt of the completed claim form and final bill, MetLife will pay the covered person up to the amount stated in the Non-Plan Attorney Fee Schedule. The covered person receiving services from the non-Plan Attorney will be responsible for making payment to the non-Plan Attorney for any expenses or fees incurred in excess of the amount paid by MetLife.
Where to Submit Claims
The claims administrator is MetLife Legal Plans, Inc.:
MetLife Legal Plans, Inc.
1111 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114
1 (800) 821-6400
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time