Citi Benefits Handbook
Sword Health
If you or a covered 13+ years old dependent are enrolled in an Aetna or Anthem Citi medical plan, you have the option to receive free virtual physical therapy for the treatment of muscle and joint problems through Sword Health.
With Sword Health:
  • You are matched with a licensed professional physical therapist to receive an evaluation and personalized treatment plan
  • A live virtual consultation and video instruction will show you how to use wearable sensors and a monitoring device, provided at no cost to you, that will allow you to receive real-time feedback to correct your form as you do your prescribed exercises.
  • Your physical therapist will review your progress and make adjustments to your program as needed
  • You can use the Sword app to watch educational videos, chat with your physical therapist, learn about your condition and apply behavioral therapy strategies to help train your brain as you work on your body.
Physical therapy through Sword Health can help reduce pain and improve strength and mobility as you recover from surgery, work to avoid surgery, or try to reduce the need for medication.
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