Citi Benefits Handbook
For employees who may be close to attaining age 65, the eligibility age for Medicare coverage, and may be thinking about how Medicare impacts your Citi benefits if you continue to be actively employed at Citi upon or after attaining age 65, please note that if you remain actively employed at age 65 and enrolled in the medical plan, your Citi medical coverage will be your primary coverage for you and your spouse and qualified dependents even if you enroll in Medicare. You may enroll in Medicare when you are eligible, as noted below, and Medicare might reimburse expenses the Citi plan did not cover; however, due to the extent of the Citi coverage, it is unlikely Medicare will pay much as secondary coverage. Once your benefit coverage as an active Citi employee ends after you have attained age 65, Medicare, if enrolled, will automatically be considered your primary coverage and will be required to pay benefits first.
If your covered partner attains age 65 while you are actively employed with Citi, under the Medicare rules, your partner is required to enroll in Medicare when initially eligible to avoid late enrollment penalties and Medicare pays primary benefits for your partner. If you are considering or are close to retiring, you should enroll in Medicare so that there are no gaps in your coverage once you retire.