Citi Benefits Handbook
Aetna Institutes™
The Aetna Institutes are a network of high-performing hospitals, clinics and health care facilities that offer specialized care. These institutes focus on bariatric, cardiac and orthopedic/spine surgeries, as well as on transplant support and infertility services. Our members look for the Aetna Institutes name so they can receive high-quality care at a reasonable cost.
The types of Aetna Institutes are:
  • Institutes of ExcellenceTM
  • Institutes of Quality®
Aetna Institutes of Excellence
Aetna Institutes of Excellence help patients who are facing a transplant or going through treatment for infertility. To be selected, a health care facility must maintain accreditation by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and meet quality criteria for:
  • Number of procedures
  • Success rates
  • Cost-effective care
  • How often patients return to the hospital, and
  • Rates of complications.
IOE Transplant Support
The Institutes of Excellence (IOE) transplant network is Aetna's national network of facilities for transplants and transplant-related services. Hospitals that have been selected to participate in Aetna's IOE transplant network have met enhanced quality thresholds for volumes and outcomes. Facilities have been contracted on a transplant-specific basis and are considered to be participating only for the specific transplants for which they are contracted and have IOE designations.
The IOE transplant network was established to enhance quality standards and lower the cost of transplant care. Three criteria were applied with respect to network selection:
  • Enhanced organ-specific quality standards;
  • The national availability of and need for transplant facilities, on a transplant-specific basis. Need was assessed relative to the distribution of our membership and relative incidence of transplant types; and
  • Mutually acceptable contractual terms and conditions.
Transplants represent highly specialized care delivered by a limited number of providers who have expertise in performing these procedures. By utilizing an IOE transplant facility, you will be receiving treatment from a provider that has demonstrated experience and success in that specific transplant type. Facilities in the IOE transplant network meet Aetna quality standards for volumes and outcomes. IOE facilities also meet Aetna access standards and agree to mutually acceptable contractual terms and conditions.
Institutes of Quality
Aetna Institutes of Quality provide bariatric, cardiac and orthopedic procedures. We select hospitals that meet certain standards of quality and cost efficiency. We measure many factors, such as:
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Level of care, and
  • How often people return to the hospital after surgery.