Citi Benefits Handbook
In-Network Only Plan
The In-Network Only Plan offers the same comprehensive coverage you expect from a Citi medical plan option, and it's administered by your choice of Aetna or Anthem BlueCross BlueShield.
The In-Network Only Plan provides coverage only when you receive care from a smaller network of doctors and hospitals who consistently deliver high-quality care at lower costs. These smaller networks — the Aetna Premier Care Plus Network (APCN+) and Anthem's National Blue High Performance Network (BlueHPN) — are subsets of the broader Aetna and Anthem networks. Note: In certain parts of the country, one or both of the networks may not be available. If neither network is available in your area, the In-Network Only Plan won't be offered to you when you enroll.
You pay a flat copay for most health care, so you'll know in advance your cost. There's a deductible to meet for some services, for example, when you need care at a hospital, but it's lower than in Citi's other plan options. The deductible doesn't apply to most care received outside a hospital, including doctor's office visits, urgent care, physical therapy and much more.
Here's an overview of the In-Network Only Plan's key features, which are the same whether you're enrolled through Aetna or Anthem.