Citi Benefits Handbook
Citi Health Concierge
If you are enrolled in the In-Network Only Plan, the Choice Plan or the High Deductible Plan with HSA, your Citi Health Concierge can provide personalized support and guide you to the right resources when you need them, so you get the most out of all of Citi's benefits — even if your question isn't specific to your medical coverage. When in doubt, start with your personal Citi Health Concierge as your first call.
Among the services Citi Health Concierge offers, it can help with:
  • Estimating medical costs, finding a doctor or getting a new medical ID card;
  • Support if you're diagnosed with a new medical condition;
  • Backup childcare or elder care referrals; and
  • If you are overwhelmed and need help finding resources.
  • You can contact your Citi Health Concierge by calling the phone number on your medical ID card.