Citi Benefits Handbook
Anthem Blue Distinction Centers
Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, in partnership with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, has developed Blue Distinction Centers for treatment of serious medical conditions. Blue Distinction Centers are facilities that provide the highest quality of care in these specialties:
  • Bariatric surgery (inpatient and outpatient);
  • Transplants (bone marrow/stem cell, heart, lung, liver, pancreas);
  • Knee and hip replacement;
  • Spine surgery (discectomy, spinal fusion, spinal decompression);
  • Cardiac care (percutaneous coronary interventions, coronary artery bypass grafts); and
  • Complex and rare cancers.
The hospitals that are named as Blue Distinction Centers are chosen for a few reasons. They are known for their expert health care team, the number of times they have performed a procedure and their track record for results in specialized care. When you make important health care choices with your doctor, having access to the Blue Distinction Centers and Blue Distinction Centers+ makes these choices easier.
All Blue Distinction Centers offer quality specialty care. However, the new Blue Distinction Centers+ are honored for how cost-effectively they provide care.
To find a Blue Distinction Center, visit
  • Select "Find a Doctor"
  • Enter the type of health professional or hospital you are looking for and the location
  • Select "Recognition/Awards"
If a provider listed is a Blue Distinction Center, you will find a Blue Distinction recognition/award in the Quality Snapshot next to the provider's name.