Citi Benefits Handbook
2024 Insured HMOs
The following fully insured HMOs are offered by Citi for 2024 in each state. The inclusion of an HMO in a state list does not mean that the option is available throughout the state. Your eligibility to participate in one of the HMOs offered is based on your home zip code. You can determine whether the HMO is available where you live by contacting the HMO.
To view the HMO Summaries of Benefits Coverage (SBCs), please visit For more information on plan coverage details, contact your HMO.
Contact Information
Health Plan Hawaii Plus (HMSA)
  • 1 (808) 948-6372
  • 1 (808) 948-5060 (Annual Enrollment information)
Kaiser FHP of California — Northern
Kaiser FHP of California — Southern
1 The list of network doctors was updated in 2024. Members should check that their doctor continues to be part of the network for 2024 as the plan does not provide out-of-network coverage (except in the case of emergencies).