Citi Benefits Handbook
Dependent Verification
The first time you enroll new dependents in Citi Benefits, you will be asked to report information about each of your eligible dependents, such as name, date of birth, Social Security number and, if over age 26, whether the child has a mental or physical disability. You will also be required to submit proof of the dependent's eligibility for coverage. For more information on the dependent verification process, see "For Dependents", under "Eligibility."
You are required to provide the Social Security number of each of your dependents. However, if your dependent does not have a Social Security number at this time, you should notify the Citi Benefits Center. Note: Not having a Social Security number on file may delay the timely payment of claims.
You must also keep your dependent information current:
  • When you enroll during the Annual Enrollment period, you can change your dependent information.
  • When you change your coverage or coverage category as a result of a qualified change in status, you must notify the Citi Benefits Center of any updates in dependent information.