Citi Benefits Handbook
Coordination of Benefits
The Citigroup Health Benefits Plan (which includes prescription drug coverage), the Citigroup Dental Benefit Plan and the Citigroup Vision Benefit Plan ("Citi Plans") contain a coordination-of-benefits provision that may reduce or eliminate the benefits otherwise payable under the applicable plan when benefits are payable under another plan. Certain provisions are summarized below, and additional terms and conditions may apply under the terms of the other sections of this Benefits Handbook.
The following definitions apply to terms used in this section:
  • Allowable expense: Includes any necessary, maximum allowed amount that would be covered in full or in part under the Citi Plan. When an HMO provides benefits in the form of furnishing services or supplies rather than cash payments, the service or supply will not be considered an allowable expense or a benefit paid.
  • Plan: Most plans under which group health benefits are provided, including group insurance closed panel or other forms of group or group-type coverage (whether insured or uninsured); medical care components of group long-term care contracts (such as skilled nursing care); medical benefits under group or individual automobile contracts; Workers' Compensation; and Medicare or other governmental benefits, as permitted by law.
  • Primary plan: A benefit plan that has primary liability for a claim.
  • Secondary plan: A benefit plan that adjusts its benefits by the amount payable under the primary plan.
When you are covered by more than one plan, the primary plan will pay benefits first, while the secondary plan will pay benefits after the primary plan has paid benefits.