Citi Benefits Handbook
Coordination with Medicare
When you or your eligible dependents (other than your domestic partner or partner's eligible dependents) are eligible for Medicare and you are covered under the Citi Plan as an active employee, the Citi Plan continues to be the primary plan. The Citi Plan is primary for the following situations:
  • Eligible active employees age 65 and over who are eligible for Medicare;
  • Dependent spouses age 65 and over who participate in the Citi Plan on the basis of the current employment status of the employee and who are eligible for Medicare; and
  • For the first 30 months of Medicare entitlement, certain individuals who become eligible for Medicare on the basis of having end-stage renal disease (ESRD). After this initial 30-month period, the Citi Plan is secondary to Medicare.
Note: The Citi Plan will pay as secondary for your domestic partner who is eligible to enroll in Medicare, even if your domestic partner does not enroll in Medicare.
If you or a covered family member enrolls in Medicare after a COBRA election is made, COBRA coverage for that individual may end. If Medicare eligible, Medicare is the primary plan for a qualified beneficiary enrolled in COBRA.
Delaying enrollment in Medicare beyond initial eligibility may result in the assessment of penalties or late fees in the following situations:
  • You or your dependent is eligible for Medicare and you are no longer an active employee (COBRA coverage is not considered coverage based on current employment);
  • You domestic partner is eligible for Medicare (even if you are still an active employee).