Citi Benefits Handbook
Right of Recovery
The Citi Plan has the right to recover any payment made in excess of the maximum amount payable under this provision. The Citi Plan may recover from one or more of the following entities in an effort to make the Plan whole:
  • Any persons it paid or for whom payment was made;
  • Any insurer and any other organization; or
  • Any entity that was thereby enriched.
Aetna and Anthem BlueCross BlueShield: With regard to automobile accidents, this Plan always pays secondary to:
  • Any motor vehicle policy available to you, including any medical payments, PIP and no-fault; and
  • Any plan or program which is required by law.
All covered persons should review their automobile insurance policy and ensure that uncoordinated medical benefits have been chosen so that the automobile insurance policy is the primary payer. For more information, please see "Recovery Provisions "in the Administrative Information section.