Citi Benefits Handbook
When Coverage Begins
This table describes when coverage begins for your medical, dental, vision and spending account coverage.
You become eligible for Citi Benefits coverage,
You have 31 days to enroll yourself and your eligible dependents. Coverage and contributions will be retroactive to your eligibility begin date (often your date of hire).
You enroll for yourself and your eligible dependents during the Annual Enrollment period,
Coverage will begin on January 1 of the following year.
You enroll in coverage for yourself and/or a new dependent within 31 days of a qualified event; However, if you experience a qualified change in status that is a HIPAA special enrollment event, and your 31-day notification period falls within the National Emergency, you may have up to the Agencies' deadline to make coverage changes. See "Changing Your Coverage" for additional information. Note that a HIPAA special enrollment event includes loss of eligibility for another group health plan or health insurance that you or your dependents are enrolled in and gaining an eligible dependent through a birth, marriage, or adoption,
Coverage will begin on the date of the qualified change in status, such as the date of your marriage or divorce, your biological child's birth date or the date your adopted child was placed with you for adoption.
You enroll in coverage for yourself and/or a new dependent as part of a mid-year enrollment change,
Coverage will begin on the date you elect coverage.