Citi Benefits Handbook
Cross-Plan Offsets
If a benefit payment is made by the Plan, to you or on your behalf, which exceeds the benefit amount that you are entitled to receive (an "Overpayment"), the Plan has the right to be repaid. The Plan has the right to reduce by the amount of the Overpayment, any future benefit payment made to you or your dependents. The Plan may also recover Overpayments by reducing future payments to a provider by the amount of the Overpayment under a process referred to as a "cross-plan offset." These future payments may involve this Plan or other health plans that are administered by the Plan's third-party administrator(s) ("TPA"). Under this process, the TPA reduces future payments to providers by the amount of the Overpayments they received, and then credits the recovered amount to the plan that made the overpayment.