Citi Benefits Handbook
In Case of Divorce or Legal Separation
When a child is claimed as a dependent by parents who are legally separated or divorced, the primary plan is the plan of the parent who has court-ordered financial responsibility for the dependent child's health care expenses. When a child's parents are separated or divorced and there is no court decree, then benefits will be determined in the following order:
1. The plan of the parent with custody of the child;
2. The plan of the spouse of the parent with custody of the child; and
3. The plan of the parent who does not have custody of the child.
In the event of a legal conflict between two plans over which is primary and which is secondary, the plan that has covered the individual for the longer time will be considered primary. When a plan does not have a coordination-of-benefits provision, the rules in this provision are not applicable, and such plan's coverage is automatically considered primary.