Citi Benefits Handbook
How to Report a Qualified Change in Status Event
Generally, you have 31 days from the date of the event (60 days in the event of the loss of Medicaid and CHIP coverage and the start of eligibility for state premium assistance) to report a qualified change in status event and, if applicable, to change your and/or your dependent's coverage. To add a newborn child to your coverage, you must do so within 31 days of the child's birth. See "Changing Your Coverage" for more information.
To add a dependent, report the name, date of birth, and, if available, Social Security number for each dependent you want to add or remove from your coverage. If a newborn does not yet have a Social Security number, you must report all other information within 31 days and add the Social Security number once you obtain it. When you add a new dependent to your coverage, you will be required to submit proof of the dependent's eligibility for coverage (for example, a marriage license or birth certificate). If proof is not received by the deadline stated in the dependent verification package, the dependent(s) will be dropped from coverage.
Even if you are already enrolled in Citi family medical, dental or vision coverage, you must report any new dependent; otherwise, your new dependent's claims will not be paid. Do not report a new dependent to your medical/dental plan. Your plan must receive the information from Citi, not from you.
When reporting a new dependent whom you wish to enroll in Citi coverage, you may have to change your coverage category. For example: You are enrolled in medical coverage under the "Employee Only" category, and then you get married. If you want to cover your new spouse, you must report information about your new spouse and change from the "Employee Only" to the "Employee Plus Spouse/Partner" coverage category. You will be subject to any changes in costs associated with the changes in coverage category.
To report a change in status, and, if applicable, change your coverage category and benefits:
  • Call the Citi Benefits Center through ConnectOne at 1 (800) 881-3938. See the For More Information section for detailed instructions, including TDD and international assistance.
  • Visit Your Benefits Resources™, available through My Total Compensation and Benefits at
  • To enroll in Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance or Supplemental AD&D insurance, call MetLife at 1 (888) 830-7380 or access the MetLife MyBenefits website available through My Total Compensation and Benefits at
Deadline to Report Qualified Changes in Status
You must report or revise dependent information and change your/your dependent's coverage or your coverage category within 31 days (or, where applicable, 60 days) of the qualified change event; otherwise, you cannot change your or your dependent's coverage or your coverage category until the next Annual Enrollment period or until you have another qualified change in status, whichever comes first.
Newborns/Newly Adopted Children
Even if you are not enrolled for dependent coverage, Citi will pay benefits under the Citigroup Health Benefits Plan (self-funded plans) for your newborn child from birth through 31 days. (Note: This eligibility provision does not apply to all insured plans; therefore, you should contact your plan for details.) However, if you have coverage under any of the Plan options, you must report this qualified change in status to the Citi Benefits Center within 31 days of the child's birth to add the child to your coverage.
If you do not report the addition of your child during the first 31 days, benefits will not be payable for the child after the 31 days following the date of the child's birth, and, generally, you will have to wait until the next Annual Enrollment period to enroll the child in a plan option unless another qualifying event occurs that would permit coverage to begin at an earlier time. In this case, no payment will be made for any day of confinement, treatment, services or supplies given to the child after the initial 31 days after the child's birth. No other benefits will be paid on behalf of the child.
This includes, but is not limited to, the following provisions:
  • Extension of benefits; and
  • Continuation of coverage.
Remember, you must report information to the Citi Benefits Center about a new dependent even if you already have family coverage. Otherwise, your new dependent will not be covered. New dependent coverage is subject to dependent verification.