Citi Benefits Handbook
GUL Accelerated Benefits Option
The Accelerated Benefits Option (ABO) of your GUL coverage is available if you become terminally ill due to injury or sickness and are expected to die within six months.
Under the ABO, you may receive up to 50% of your GUL insurance amount, not to exceed $250,000, less any charges. The accelerated benefit will be paid in a lump sum unless you or your legal representative selects another payment method.
To receive an accelerated benefit, MetLife will require the following proof of your terminal illness:
  • A completed Accelerated Benefit Claim form, available from MetLife by calling 1 (888) 830-7380;
  • A signed physician's certification that states you are terminally ill; and
  • An exam by a physician of MetLife's choice, if requested, at no expense to you.
Accelerated benefits will be paid only once in your lifetime. Upon your death, the GUL benefit paid to your beneficiary will be decreased by the amount of the accelerated benefit paid plus any applicable charges.
Accelerated benefits are not payable if:
  • You have assigned the death benefit;
  • All or a portion of your death benefit is to be paid to your former spouse as part of a divorce agreement;
  • You attempt suicide or injure yourself on purpose;
  • The amount of your death benefit is less than $15,000; or
  • You are required by a government agency to request payment of the accelerated benefit so you can apply for, obtain or keep a government benefit or entitlement.