Citi Benefits Handbook
Group Universal Life (GUL) Insurance
You can enroll in GUL insurance, provided by MetLife, from one to 10 times your benefits eligible pay, not to exceed $500,000, up to a maximum coverage amount of $5 million. If your benefits eligible pay is not an even multiple of $1,000, then your benefits eligible pay will be rounded up to the next $1,000.
Your cost is based on the amount of coverage you elect, your age and whether you have used tobacco products in the past 12 months. The cost of coverage is deducted from your pay.
If you are enrolling in GUL insurance outside your initial eligibility period (31 days from your date of hire/date you are eligible to enroll in Citi benefits), outside of a qualified change in status or for an amount greater than three times your benefits eligible pay (capped at $500,000) or $1.5 million, you must provide evidence of insurability and be actively at work before coverage will be effective. "Actively at work" means that you are regularly scheduled to work in the office or at home. You must be able to perform all the activities of your job.
If your benefits eligible pay is reduced, your GUL amount will continue to be based on the higher benefits eligible pay. If you would like to decrease your coverage, you may call MetLife at 1 (888) 830-7380 to elect a lower multiple of your highest benefits eligible pay. Once you reduce coverage, you can increase it by electing additional multiples of your higher benefits eligible pay. You may be asked to provide satisfactory evidence of insurability before the increased coverage will become effective. GUL coverage for an employee ends at age 95.