Citi Benefits Handbook
Supplemental Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance for You and Your Dependents
You may enroll in Supplemental AD&D coverage, provided by MetLife, at any time without providing evidence of insurability. You may choose from one to 10 times your benefits eligible pay (capped at $500,000) up to a maximum coverage amount of $5 million. If your benefits eligible pay is not an even multiple of $1,000, then your benefits eligible pay will be rounded up to the next $1,000. Your cost is based on the coverage you elect. If your benefits eligible pay is reduced, your Supplemental AD&D amount will continue to be based on the higher benefits eligible pay unless you call MetLife at 1 (888) 830-7380 to request that the Supplemental AD&D amount be reduced.
Enrolling in Supplemental AD&D Coverage
You will enroll in coverage directly with MetLife, not through Citi. Visit the MetLife MyBenefits site available through My Total Compensation and Benefits at or submit an enrollment form, which you can obtain by calling MetLife at 1 (888) 830-7380.
Once you reduce coverage, you can increase it by reinstating the automatic benefits eligible pay increase or by purchasing additional multiples of your benefits eligible pay.
You can enroll in Supplemental AD&D insurance coverage, provided by MetLife, for your spouse/partner in increments of $10,000 to a maximum of $100,000 at any time without providing evidence of insurability. You do not need to buy Supplemental AD&D insurance for yourself to elect coverage for your spouse/partner. You may enroll your spouse/partner for Supplemental AD&D coverage at any time without providing evidence of insurability.
Once you or your spouse/partner have enrolled, your eligible children may be enrolled in Supplemental AD&D coverage in increments of $5,000 to a maximum of $20,000 at any time without evidence of insurability. Coverage for a child generally ends on the day the child reaches the maximum age of 27, or earlier if you lose eligibility for coverage.
If you leave Citi or terminate your marriage or partnership, you and your spouse/partner and children may continue coverage by paying premiums directly to MetLife. If you continue coverage, MetLife will bill you at a higher rate than the Citi group rate. The rate will become effective the month following the loss of eligibility. If you have any questions on coverage continuation, call MetLife directly at 1 (888) 252-3607.