Citi Benefits Handbook
Cash Reimbursement Option
The cash reimbursement option for parking expenses is a solution intended to cover situations when you are unable to participate in the TRIP Parking Account using the parking voucher, the parking debit card or the pay-the-provider-directly option. This may work for you if you pay for your parking on a quarterly basis or a year in advance. To be reimbursed in cash, you must submit a claim for eligible expenses online on the Optum Financial website, or you can submit a paper claim to Optum Financial. Be sure to include your itemized receipts with the claim. Receipts must include the company name, dates of service and the amount paid. If using a check for documentation, you must include the front and back of the bank-cleared check, the check must be payable to a valid parking company, and the memo line should include the dates covered by the payment. Valid parking companies will include municipal parking.
Generally, you will have until June 30 following the year in which you incur an eligible expense to file and resolve a claim for reimbursement. In order for a claim to be deemed an eligible expense to be reimbursed, you must provide any pertinent documentation to establish that a claim is eligible for reimbursement.
For more information about the cash reimbursement option, see the Transportation Reimbursement Incentive Program claim form or visit the Optum Financial website through My Total Compensation and Benefits at, available from the Citi intranet and the Internet.
Examples of Eligible Expenses
Parking Account
  • Parking at or near your work location; and
  • Parking at or near a location from which you commute to work by mass transportation, carpool or other means.
Transit Account
  • Transportation passes;
  • Any pass, token, fare card, ticket or similar item that entitles you to ride public transportation to and from work; and
  • Transportation between work and your residence in a "commuter highway vehicle" that:
    • Seats six or more adults excluding the driver;
      Is used 80% or more (based on mileage) for transporting employees between work and home; and
      Includes at least three commuters, excluding the driver, on each trip.
Examples of Ineligible Expenses
Parking Account
  • Non-work-related parking expenses;
  • Parking at or near your residence;
  • Parking for which you receive a before-tax benefit;
  • Parking paid for by your employer;
  • Parking expenses incurred by family members; and
  • Expenses eligible to be reimbursed from the Transit Account.
Transit Account
  • Carpooling and/or vanpooling in a vehicle seating fewer than six passengers, excluding the driver;
  • Taxi fares;
  • Highway, bridge or tunnel tolls;
  • Expenses incurred for business travel (such as traveling from the office to a business or client meeting);
  • Gas or mileage expenses;
  • Transit expenses incurred by family members; and
  • Expenses eligible to be reimbursed from the Parking Account.