Citi Benefits Handbook
Transportation Reimbursement Incentive Program (TRIP)
TRIP allows you to purchase transit and parking passes online so you can commute to and from work. TRIP is not for business travel (for example, to use public transportation to attend a business meeting).
The first $315 of your transit and/or parking pass will be deducted from your pay before taxes are withheld. Any amount of your transit pass or parking pass that exceeds $315 will be deducted from your pay after taxes are withheld. By enrolling in TRIP and paying transit and parking pass expenses with before-tax dollars, you lower your taxable income and, as a result, pay less in federal and FICA taxes and, in most locations, state and local taxes.
You can set up or change your online purchase at any time. Your enrollment or change will be effective as soon as administratively possible.