Citi Benefits Handbook
Resource and Referral Services
Resource and referral services are designed to save you time by providing valuable research and advice on a number of common everyday challenges facing Citi employees. Whether you are researching options for child care, or dealing with the concerns of your elderly parent, this service can help. These services are completely confidential.
The Be Well team will provide practical solutions, customized referrals and resources on a wide variety of topics, including parenting/child care, adoption, and caring for older adults. You can also obtain assistance with everyday needs, such as finding pet care, planning a vacation, or locating a mover.
Resource and referral services are a core benefit available to all benefits-eligible employees and their household members. You do not have to enroll or make any contributions to use this benefit. Citi provides this service through a contract with LifeWorks.
Contact the Be Well Program (including BetterHelp) as follows:
  • Telephone: 1 (800) 952-1245
    TTY: 711, then 1 (800) 952-1245
  • Website:
    Username: bewell
    Password: livewell