Citi Benefits Handbook
Live Well Healthy Activities
The Live Well at Citi Program offers a number of resources to help you develop and maintain healthy habits. Live Well Healthy Activities, offered through Virgin Pulse, include supportive online programs and tools that can help you achieve your wellness goals.
Virgin Pulse provides access to great programs like:
  • Phone coaching
  • Health Assessment
  • Journeys® Digital Coaching
  • Healthy Habit and Activity Tracking – you can sync a device or app for automatic tracking
  • Tobacco cessation.
You'll also get programs, challenges and features that give you the choice, support and flexibility you need to reach your wellness goals like:
  • Incentive Opportunities: Access the many new activities offered by Virgin Pulse to earn rewards daily, weekly, and even monthly for things you do every day, like walking, working out, tracking calories and even sleeping!
  • Daily Cards: Complete your cards every day and get quick tips that are personalized to your specific goals.
  • Challenges: Participate in Personal Healthy Habit Challenges, Personal Step Challenges and Team Challenges. Set up challenges for yourself or gather a small group of team members or friends, and start your own group challenge whenever you want!
  • Rewards Options: Redeem your wellness rewards through an expanded list of gift card options or donate your earned dollars to charities.
Use the Virgin Pulse best-in-class app to customize your wellness activities to meet your individual interests and health goals. Sync your tracking device and receive daily alerts and tips to help you complete your activities and earn incentives when and wherever it works for you.
Visit the Live Well at Citi page for more details on how to register, download the app and earn rewards through healthy activities.
Live Well Tobacco Cessation Program
The Live Well Tobacco Cessation Program is available to active, benefits eligible employees and their benefits eligible spouses/partners (regardless of whether they are enrolled in a Citi medical plan).
If you choose the Health Coaching option, your coach will work with you to identify the challenges you face when quitting and set goals to overcome them. You and your spouse/partner may be eligible for free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). If you have stopped using tobacco products recently, a health coach can help you keep your commitment to being tobacco-free.
Program representatives may reach out to those who have indicated on their Live Well Health Assessment that they use tobacco products or have stopped using tobacco products within the past 12 months, but you do not need to wait to be invited. To get started, log on to the Virgin Pulse platform or call Virgin Pulse at 1 (855) 814-5595.
You can also complete a Journey®, digital coaching focused on quitting tobacco use. (See below.)
Tobacco Free Attestation
If you and your spouse/partner are enrolled in Citi medical coverage for 2021, during Annual Enrollment you will have the opportunity to complete the Tobacco Free Attestation on Your Benefits Resources™. If during that time you indicate that you use tobacco products (including vapor products and all forms of smokeless tobacco products) or if you fail to complete the Tobacco Free Attestation before your enrollment deadline, you and your covered spouse/partner will each pay a $600 annual penalty on your health care coverage.
If you participate in the Live Well Tobacco Cessation Program in 2021 and you're paying the tobacco penalty, you'll stop once you complete the Live Well Tobacco Cessation Program through Virgin Pulse (within one to two pay cycles of program completion). You will also receive a refund of the tobacco penalty payments that were made before you completed the Tobacco Cessation Program.
Note: If you are age 18 or over and are enrolled in the Citi medical coverage, you may be eligible to receive generic over-the-counter and generic prescription drugs, or Chantix smoking cessation products at no cost to you.
IMPORTANT: Even if you plan to continue with your current Citi medical plan, you must complete the Tobacco Free Attestation before your Annual Enrollment deadline or you will default to "tobacco user" status and will pay the tobacco penalty in 2021.
Journeys® Digital Coaching
Digital coaching tools are online wellness programs, tailored to your interests that can help you make progress on health topics of your choosing by taking small steps toward your goals. The digital coaching tools can be accessed over the web or via your mobile device.
Want to exercise more? Better manage a health issue? You can use our digital coaching tool, Journeys, to make simple changes to your health, one small step at a time. You will earn Pulse Points when you complete a journey step and finish a whole journey.
Connect a Fitness Tracker
Sign up for a Virgin Pulse account online at or download the Virgin Pulse app to your Apple or Android smartphone. Connect a fitness tracker to get credit for your steps, active minutes and sleep. You can sync many devices and apps (Max Buzz, Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.)
Health Coaching
Virgin Pulse health coaches are certified experts, who will work with you by phone to help answer your health questions, provide support in overcoming obstacles and help set small goals to work on between sessions. Choose from topics including managing blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, stress and more.
Grand Rounds: Expert Guidance. Expert Care.
You don't have to be enrolled in Citi medical coverage to use this free service. Grand Rounds provides you and your family members with expert medical opinions and support to help ensure you always receive the best care possible. Whether you need help finding the best physician in your area, information about a new diagnosis or treatment or support deciding if surgery is right for you, Grand Rounds will assist you with such decisions. Grand Rounds works with top doctors and specialists across the country and identifies the highest quality physicians for your unique needs.
Use Grand Rounds any time, but especially if you need a second opinion on a new or long-term health issue or treatment plan. Sign up by visiting Just follow the instructions for registering.
Sleepio is a leading app-based, online sleep improvement program that is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Whether you need a few basic tips or require more detailed guidance on how to improve your sleep, register for Sleepio and complete the two-minute sleep test online to learn your sleep score, then work to improve your sleep with proven techniques developed from over 35 years of related research. This service is free to all Citi employees, regardless of whether you are enrolled in a Citi medical plan. However, your spouses/partners must be enrolled in a Citi medical plan to utilize Sleepio's services. Learn more about Sleepio online at, or email your questions to Sleepio customer service at
Livongo for Diabetes™ Program
If you and your family are enrolled in a Citi medical plan and you or a family member has diabetes, you can participate in Livongo's diabetes management program (Livongo for Diabetes™). The program offers three key components:
  • A connected glucose meter that transmits data and messaging in real time and ongoing test strip supply;
  • A smart analytics platform that provides predictive and personalized insights; and
  • Virtual coaching from Certified Diabetes Educators.
This approach encourages more frequent blood glucose checks, provides just-in-time outreach from Certified Diabetes Educators and automates the often-cumbersome task of ordering supplies and manually tracking blood glucose readings. Most importantly, participants receive personalized, real-time information that can enable more confident self-management and improved glycemic control.