Citi Benefits Handbook
Citi On-Site Medical Clinics
Citi operates medical clinics in the following locations: Jacksonville and Tampa, FL; Florence, KY; O`Fallon, MO; Jersey City; New York (388 Greenwich St.) and Irving and San Antonio, TX.
The clinics offer the following services:
  • Assessment, treatment, recommendation and/or referral for illness and injury;
  • Allergy shots/medical injections: if your doctor prescribes allergy shots or other medical injections, you can arrange to have these administered in a clinic; Other medications prescribed by outside providers including testosterone;
  • Annual seasonal flu, travel, and COVID vaccines, where applicable;
  • Preventive care screenings (such as blood pressure screenings, mammography, cholesterol/health screenings and skin cancer screenings;
  • Laboratory blood tests and EKGs on the order of your physician;
  • Lactation rooms that offer a private space to express breast milk and a refrigerator for storage may be located near or inside our clinic at some locations;
  • Immunizations and consultations for international business travel;
  • Periodic medical exams for expat staff;
  • Referrals to appropriate medical specialists and other on-the-ground resources worldwide for expat staff and international business travelers;
  • Monitoring of international medical care and emergency medical evacuations coordinated through Travel Health Services and Citi Travel Health Assistance;
  • Onsite emergency response and care;
  • Basic vision test for your driver's license application; and
  • Immunizations or a test for tuberculosis before starting a college program or community service program.
  • Facilitate access to on-site and remote mental well-being counselors and support services;
  • Facilitate access to on-site physical therapy services at some locations;
  • Sick visits which can include:
    • Assessment
    • Point of care testing
    • Prescriptions ordered electronically through the EMR
    • Diagnostic testing with equipment such as EKGs
    • Treatments onsite with a nebulizer, or oxygen
    • Labs may be ordered where clinically indicated
  • Telehealth/ virtual visits
    • Can cover all employees in states of NY, NJ, FL, TX, MO, KY, & OH.