Citi Benefits Handbook
Health Advocate
Health Advocate is a free program available to you and your family — your spouse/partner, children, parents and parents-in-law — regardless of your health coverage. You and your family members do not need to be enrolled or eligible to participate in a medical plan offered by Citi to use Health Advocate.
Health Advocate helps you take control of your health care issues. You and your family can call Health Advocate to speak with a staff of medical professionals and health-related specialists to help you:
  • Resolve insurance claims and billing issues;
  • Identify and make appointments with a hard-to-reach specialist;
  • Obtain additional information about a medical condition;
  • Address medical issues and the health care needs of your family members; and
  • Understand issues related to prescription drugs, such as comparisons between generic and brand-name medications.
Health Advocate's Health Cost Estimator+™ (HCE+) Tool
Health Advocate's Health Cost Estimator+ (HCE+) tool is a phone-based resource that helps you compare costs of medical services and procedures.
Many people do not realize that the cost of a medical procedure can vary by over 100%, even within the same geographic area. With consumers picking up more of the cost of their health care, they need clear, actionable, preservice information to help project their out-of-pocket costs.
Health Advocate's HCE+ pricing transparency tool compares the costs of hundreds of common health care services and procedures by ZIP code. This valuable resource is designed to help you in the decision-making process so you can maximize the value of your health care dollars and reduce health care costs.
Easy Access
Available free to all Citi employees (regardless of whether you are enrolled in a medical plan), the HCE+ tool can be accessed by calling a Personal Health Advocate at 1 (866) 449-9933, who will perform the research and provide personalized results.