Citi Benefits Handbook
Investing Your Plan Accounts
You can choose from a wide range of options in which to invest your accounts. The Plan's investment options are selected and monitored by the 401(k) Plan Investment Committee, which is the fiduciary committee charged with oversight of the Plan's investment menu (other than the Citigroup Common Stock Fund). Fiduciary Counselors Inc. serves as the independent fiduciary charged with monitoring and making fiduciary decisions with respect to the Citigroup Common Stock Fund. In accordance with the terms of the Plan, the Citigroup Common Stock Fund must be made available as a Plan investment option, unless Fiduciary Counselors Inc. determines that retaining the fund is no longer consistent with ERISA.
The investment options available to you under the Plan vary in risk and return characteristics. The specific investments available to you may be changed from time to time. Information about these investment options, including prospectuses and fund fact sheets for each fund, is available on the Plan website. If you do not have Internet access or wish to receive a paper copy of these materials, please contact the Citi Benefits Center as described under "How to Contact the Plan."
The level of investment diversification appropriate for you may depend on a variety of factors including personal risk tolerance, age, other savings and investment goals.
Each fund is managed by one or more professional investment firms. See the Lipper fund fact sheets for a brief description of each fund. To obtain the Lipper fund fact sheets, an investment fund profile page for a particular fund, or, if applicable, a fund prospectus, call the Plan as instructed under "How to Contact the Plan" or visit the Investments page of the Savings and Retirement tab on the Your Benefits Resources website through My Total Compensation and Benefits at