Citi Benefits Handbook
If you are not vested in your Company Fixed Contribution Account and Company Transition Contribution Account when you leave the Company, you will typically forfeit the unvested amounts as of the earlier of:
  • The date you receive a distribution of your entire vested interest in your account; or
  • The date on which you incur five consecutive one-year periods of severance (as defined under "Years of Service").
Forfeiture of unvested amounts may occur as early as your termination of employment if you have no vested interest in your account (for example, if you only have two years of service and have not made any Before-Tax Contributions or Roth After-Tax Contributions to the Plan). If you are rehired before you incur five consecutive periods of severance, the forfeited amounts will be restored to your account (but will not be adjusted for investment experience between the date of forfeiture and the date of restoration).
Any forfeiture restored to your Plan account will be invested in the Plan's Qualified Default Investment Alternative ("QDIA"). You may then elect a different investment option for this amount pursuant to the Plan's fund transfer procedures.
Forfeitures may be used under the Plan to restore the account balances of rehired participants, to pay reasonable administrative expenses of the Plan or to offset future Company Contributions.