Citi Benefits Handbook
Restrictions on Fund Transfers, Reallocations and Rebalancing
In general, you may move your Plan assets among the Plan's investment options through a fund transfer, reallocation, or rebalance no more frequently than once every seven calendar days.
An exception to this rule is that you may move your Plan assets into the BlackRock Cash Fund: Treasury at any time. However, once you move your Plan assets into the BlackRock Cash Fund: Treasury, you cannot move your Plan assets out of that fund for seven calendar days.
In addition, you may not move an investment in the Stable Value Fund through a fund transfer, reallocation, or rebalance directly into any of the investment options that are considered competitors of the Stable Value Fund, the BlackRock Cash Fund: Treasury, the BFA LifePath Retirement Fund, and the BlackRock 0-5 Year US TIPS Index Fund. (The BFA LifePath Retirement Fund is not considered a money market fund or stable value fund but rather is considered to be a conservative investment vehicle.) This restriction enables the Stable Value Fund to secure higher yielding, fixed-income investments intended to preserve your principal and earned interest.
If you move Plan assets from the Stable Value Fund through a fund transfer, reallocation or rebalance into any investment option other than the competing investment options named above, the amount moved must remain invested in a noncompeting investment option for at least 90 days before you can move it into one of the three competing investment options.
In addition, you are not permitted to transfer your savings into the Plan's closed funds. You may transfer all or part of your savings out of the Plan's closed funds through a fund transfer.
These restrictions are subject to change at any time depending on generally applicable Plan rules or the requirements of the funds.
To the extent required by the compliance procedures of a mutual fund to ensure the fund's adherence to the market timing rules mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, upon request by a mutual fund, the Plan may provide reports to the fund detailing Plan participants' trading activity in that particular fund.
The Company may restrict the ability of certain Plan participants to invest in or divest the Citigroup Common Stock Fund or any other investment fund offered by the Plan. The Plan is subject to certain securities and regulatory requirements, and it will be administered to comply with such requirements. Certain Plan participants also may be subject to corporate policies that restrict personal trading. If your ability to invest under the Plan is restricted, you will be notified of these restrictions and any transactions you direct that do not comply with these restrictions may be reversed. If reversed, no losses or gains associated with such a reversal will be recognized.