Citi Benefits Handbook
Compliance with Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code
This Handbook describing the Citigroup Health Plan, the Citigroup Dental Benefit Plan, the Citigroup Vision Benefit Plan and the applicable spending accounts under the Citigroup Spending Account Plan and documents governing participant elections generally are, when read together, intended to comply with the requirements of Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and constitute a cafeteria plan. Eligible participants are authorized to make contributions to their HSAs under the cafeteria plan, pursuant to IRS guidance. All such documents are incorporated by reference to constitute a single plan, in accordance with applicable Treasury regulations.
As stated previously in this document, all participants are entitled to make their benefit elections under the foregoing Plans through salary reduction arrangements so that the participant's premium payments or Health Care Spending Account contributions can be made on a before-tax basis.
This Handbook describes the benefits available, authorizes employees to enter into salary reduction arrangements to pay their portion of the health care premiums on a before-tax basis, and authorizes employees to contribute amounts under the Health Care Spending Account, Limited Purpose Health Care Spending Account, the Dependent Day Care Spending Account and the Health Savings Account on a before-tax basis with respect to subsequent expenses that will be incurred and later reimbursed.
Changes in such elections (except for the HSA) are available only in limited circumstances described in the Eligibility and Participation section. The change in coverage must be consistent with the change in status. For example, if a dependent is added, the coverage should increase (not decrease). In addition to the foregoing, the Plans permit election changes based on the special enrollment rights under HIPAA.
Pursuant to the Code and related guidance, eligibility requirements and contribution limits for the HSAs are determined on a monthly basis. As such, although HSA contributions can be made under a Section 125 cafeteria plan, HSA contributions are not subject to the change in status rule, and participants are permitted to change their elections at any time. The HSA changes are effective as soon as administratively practical.