Citi Benefits Handbook
Plan Administration
The Plan Administrator, the Plans Administration Committee of Citigroup Inc., is responsible for the general administration of the Plans and has the full discretionary authority and power to control and manage all the administrative aspects of the Plans, except to the extent such authority has been delegated to the Claims Administrator.
In accordance with such delegation, the Plan Administrator and the Claims Administrator have the full discretionary authority to construe and interpret the provisions of the Plans and make factual determinations regarding all aspects of the Plans and their benefits, including the power and discretion to determine the rights or eligibility of employees and any other persons and the amounts of their benefits under the Plans and to remedy ambiguities, inconsistencies or omissions. Such determinations shall be binding on all parties.
The Plan Administrator has designated other organizations or persons to fulfill specific fiduciary responsibilities in administering the Plans including, but not limited to, any or all of the following responsibilities:
  • To administer and manage the Plans, including the processing and payment of claims under the Plans and the related recordkeeping, according to the terms of an administrative services or claims administration agreement;
  • To prepare, report, file and disclose any forms, documents and other information required to be reported and filed by law with any governmental agency or to prepare and disclose to employees or other persons entitled to benefits under the Plans; and
  • To act as Claims Administrator and to review claims and claim denials under the Plans to the extent an insurer or administrator is not empowered with such responsibility.
The delegation by the Plan Administrator may (but is not required to) be in writing.
The Plan Administrator will administer the Plans on a reasonable and nondiscriminatory basis and shall apply uniform rules to all persons similarly situated. Except to the extent superseded by laws of the United States, the laws of New York will control in all matters relating to the Plans.