Citi Benefits Handbook
CVS Caremark Maintenance Choice® Program
Maintenance Choice is a program available to you that provides added convenience in filling your maintenance drugs. You may obtain a 90-day prescription at a CVS pharmacy or Costco Pharmacy. Keep in mind that the prescription must be written to dispense in a 90-day supply, plus any appropriate refills.
When you purchase prescriptions through the CVS Caremark Maintenance Choice® Program, you pay the appropriate deductible and/or coinsurance and receive up to a 90-day supply of your medication.
Choose one of four ways to start filling your 90-day prescriptions through CVS Caremark:
1. At a CVS or Costco location -- Take your prescription to a CVS pharmacy or Costco Pharmacy
2. By phone -- Call CVS Caremark Customer Care at 1 (844) 214-6601
3. By mail -- Fill out and return a Mail Service order form. You can download one from the CVS Caremark website,, or request one from CVS Caremark Customer Care
4. Online: Visit and log in. You may then request a new Mail Service prescription from your doctor using "Request a Prescription with Fast Start."
If you are currently receiving prescription medications through a program other than the CVS Caremark Maintenance Choice® Program or the CVS Mail Service Pharmacy, ask your doctor to write a new prescription (for up to a 90-day supply plus refills). After your third fill of a 30-day supply of a maintenance medication, you will be subject to the full cost of your prescription drug if you do not fill through the CVS Mail Service Pharmacy or the CVS Maintenance Choice® Program.
Please note that the Maintenance Choice Program may not apply within certain states such as Oklahoma and West Virginia due to state-specific regulations. If you live in one of these states, you may fill 90-day supplies via the CVS Mail Service Pharmacy at the mail order copay or at a retail pharmacy that participates in the Retail 90 network at the mail order copay. To locate an in-network pharmacy in the Retail 90 network, log on to your account at and select Pharmacy Locator. Keep in mind that you receive a higher discount when filling a 90-day supply at the CVS Mail Service Pharmacy. You will not pay the full cost of your maintenance medication after the third refill.