Citi Benefits Handbook
Retail Network Pharmacies with CVS Caremark
When you need a prescription filled the same day — for example, an antibiotic to treat an infection — you can go to one of the thousands of pharmacies nationwide (including those within a Target) that participate in the CVS Caremark network and obtain up to a 31-day supply for your copay (once you meet your deductible).
For some drugs to be covered, your doctor may need to provide additional documentation. Prescriptions may be screened for specific requirements and must be related to the diagnosis for which they are prescribed.
To find out whether a pharmacy participates in the CVS Caremark network:
  • Ask your pharmacist;
  • Visit to access the pharmacy locator;
  • Download the CVS Caremark free mobile app from your device's app store (search for "CVS Caremark"); or
  • Call CVS Caremark Customer Care at 1 (844) 214-6601.
A network pharmacy will accept your prescription and prescription drug ID card and, once you have met your deductible, will charge you the appropriate copay/coinsurance for a covered drug. Your copay/coinsurance will be based on whether your prescription is for a generic drug, a preferred brand-name drug on the CVS Caremark Preferred Formulary, or a non-preferred drug. If you purchase a drug that is not covered under the Program, you will pay 100% of the full, non-discounted price of the drug. See "Drugs Not Covered" for more information.