Citi Benefits Handbook
Plan Administrator
The Plans Administration Committee of Citigroup Inc. (the "Committee") is the Plan Administrator and is responsible for the operation and administration of the Plan. The Committee has such powers as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of the Plan, including the power and discretion to determine all benefits and resolve all questions pertaining to the administration, interpretation and application of Plan provisions either by rules of general applicability or by particular decisions. Only written responses of the Committee may be relied upon. Oral representations may not be relied upon (see "Administrative and Legal Information").
If you believe you are entitled to a benefit that you have not received or if you disagree with any determination made by the Plan Administrator regarding your benefit (such as the amount of your benefit or how it is calculated), you may submit a claim for benefits under the Plan. However, the time period during which you can submit a claim for benefits (including the time period to bring suit after exhausting the Plan's claims and appeals procedures) is limited. If you fail to make a timely claim for benefits or you fail to make a timely appeal of a denied claim, you may lose your right to those benefits. For important information regarding the process for submitting a claim for benefits and the deadlines for submitting such a claim, including the deadline for filing a claim in court, please see "Claims and Appeals."