Citi Benefits Handbook
Plan Confidentiality
The Plan has established procedures designed to ensure the confidentiality of your investment and voting decisions concerning the Citigroup Common Stock Fund. The confidentiality of your investment is maintained by the following procedures: Records of transactions — including the purchase, sale and voting of Company Stock within the Plan — are kept confidential. When you exercise your voting rights on Company Stock held in the Citigroup Common Stock Fund, a Plan fiduciary supervises and ensures the confidentiality of your decisions.
To the extent required by the compliance procedures of a mutual fund to ensure the fund's adherence to the market timing rules mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, upon request by a mutual fund, the Plan may provide reports to the fund detailing Plan participants' trading activity in that particular fund. The Company has implemented compliance procedures to ensure that any trading activity in the Citigroup Common Stock Fund complies with those compliance procedures, as more fully described below under Investing Restrictions.