Citi Benefits Handbook
Initial Determination
After you submit a claim for disability benefits to MetLife, MetLife will review your claim and notify you of its decision to approve or deny your claim.
Such notification will be provided to you within a reasonable period, not to exceed 45 days from the date you submitted your claim; except for situations requiring an extension of time because of matters beyond the control of the Disability Plan, in which case MetLife may have up to two (2) additional extensions of 30 days each to provide you such notification. If MetLife needs an extension, it will notify you prior to the expiration of the initial 45-day period (or prior to the expiration of the first 30-day extension period if a second 30-day extension period is needed), state the reason why the extension is needed, and state when it will make its determination. If an extension is needed because you did not provide sufficient information or filed an incomplete claim, the time from the date of MetLife's notice requesting further information and an extension until MetLife receives the requested information does not count toward the time period MetLife is allowed to notify you as to its claim decision. You will have 45 days to provide the requested information from the date you receive the extension notice requesting further information from MetLife.
If MetLife denies your claim in whole or in part, the notification of the claims decision will state the reason why your claim was denied and reference the specific Plan provision(s) on which the denial is based. If the claim is denied because MetLife did not receive sufficient information, the claims decision will describe the additional information needed and explain why such information is needed.