Citi Benefits Handbook
When LTD Benefits Are Payable
If you are enrolled in LTD coverage (pursuant to the terms of the Disability Plan on your date of hire) and have received 13 weeks of STD benefit payments, you may be eligible for a LTD benefit.
For purposes of initially qualifying for a LTD benefit, a disability means that due to sickness, pregnancy or accidental injury you are receiving appropriate care and treatment from an attending physician on a continuing basis and are unable to perform your own occupation for any employer in your local economy. Refer to the insurance certificate for additional details.
If you have consecutive, concurrent or continuous disabilities, related or unrelated, which continue for a period of more than 13 weeks and, if eligible and approved, you will receive an LTD benefit from MetLife. If you are approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for yourself and/or your dependents, your monthly LTD benefit will be offset by SSDI, dependent SSDI and any state disability benefits you may receive. The state and Social Security benefits may be subject to tax.
Your LTD benefit will not be offset for any SSDI cost-of-living adjustments. If you are approved for SSDI retroactively and receive a lump-sum SSDI award, you are required to submit any overpayment of benefits to MetLife. Any other income you receive while you are receiving LTD benefits may be used to offset your LTD benefit as described in the LTD insurance certificate at the Citi Benefits Handbook site. This is not applicable to Individual Disability Insurance Plans (IDIs).
While on an LTD leave, MetLife will send you instructions on how to apply for SSDI benefits, tax information and relevant forms, and may request ongoing medical and financial information be provided to certify your continued disability under the Disability Plan.