Citi Benefits Handbook
Cigna Dental HMO Features
  • A nationwide network of approximately 18,000 dentists in 65,000+ offices (you must use one of these providers);
  • No deductibles to meet;
  • No annual or lifetime dollar maximums;
  • No charge for exams, certain types of X-rays or routine cleanings;
  • Reduced prices on covered procedures when there is a charge;
  • Specialist care with an approved referral at the same fees you would pay a general dentist;
  • Automated Dental Office Locator for 24-hour information by telephone or fax to help you find the right dentist;
  • Automatic participation in the Cigna Healthy Rewards® program, which offers discounts on various health-related services and products; for more information, visit;
  • Automatic participation in the Cigna Oral Health Integration® program; for more information, visit;
  • Orthodontia for children and adults: limited to 24 months of treatment; additional treatment is available at a prorated cost of the initial treatment;
  • Coverage for general anesthesia and IV sedation when medically necessary and performed by a network oral surgeon or periodontist for covered procedures (general anesthesia does not include nitrous oxide); and
  • Two routine cleanings for normal healthy teeth and gums every calendar year at no charge and two additional per calendar year with a copay; charges are listed on your Patient Charge Schedule.