Citi Benefits Handbook
What Is Not Covered
Below is a partial list of exclusions and limitations. For additional details about exclusions and limitations, call the Vision Plan at 1 (877) 787-5354 or visit
  • Special vision procedures, such as orthoptics, vision therapy or vision training;
  • Retinal imaging is excluded, but discounts may apply;
  • Vision services that are covered in whole or in part under any other part of this plan, under any other plan of group benefits provided by the policyholder or under any Workers' Compensation law or any other law of like purpose;
  • An eye exam that is required by an employer as a condition of employment, that an employer is required to provide under a labor agreement or that is required by any law of a government;
  • The cost of prescription sunglasses in excess of the amount that would be covered for non-tinted lenses;
  • Replacement of lost, stolen or broken prescription lenses or frames; and
  • Any exams given during your stay in a hospital or another facility for medical care.
Other exclusions and limitations may apply.