Citi Benefits Handbook
Prospectus and Summary Plan Description
This document constitutes part of a prospectus covering securities that have been registered under the Securities Act of 1933. This document and the documents incorporated by reference herein relate to the offer by Citigroup Inc. and the Plan of up to 80,000,000 shares of Citigroup Inc. common stock, par value $.01 per share "Citigroup Common Stock," and interests in the Plan to eligible employees of Citigroup Inc. and certain of its related companies. The offer is being made pursuant to a prospectus, which includes (i) this document containing information about the Plan as the Summary Plan Description, (ii) information about the Plan's investment options contained in the investment brochure provided to Plan participants, and (iii) documents containing information regarding Citigroup Inc. and the annual report of the Plan, each of which are incorporated by reference in the prospectus (collectively, the "Prospectus"). The documents containing information about Citigroup that are incorporated by reference are described under Incorporation of SEC filings. This document and the investment brochure may be supplemented from time to time. Any supplements will also constitute part of the Prospectus.
This document includes the information required in the Summary Plan Description for the Plan by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended.