Citi Benefits Handbook
Financial Tools to Help You Manage Your Savings
Online Advice
This online tool is for the "do-it-yourself" type of investor. Based on your input (which can include your investments outside the Plan), this planning software will provide a retirement forecast of your current account as well as investment and savings recommendations. You can use interactive tools to see how changes to your risk level, contributions or retirement age could affect your financial outlook. This tool is available to you at no cost on the Plan website.
Or you could choose to have your account professionally managed for a fee.
Alight Financial Advisors (AFA) Professional Management Program
This service provides a personalized savings and investment strategy recommendation and the ability to have your account proactively managed for you for a fee. If you decide to enroll in the Professional Management program, you will be charged a fee based on your account balance. This fee will be debited automatically from your 401(k) plan account.
To access the Online Advice tool, or to learn more about the Professional Management program, visit the Your Benefits ResourcesTM website through TotalComp@Citi at From the "Get Somewhere Fast" flyout menu, select the "401(k) Retirement Savings" option. Go to the "Other Benefits" tab, and select "Get Professional Investment Advice." Here you will also find information on the fees charged in the Professional Management program.
Lipper Fund Fact Sheets
Fund fact sheets prepared by Lipper Inc., a Thomson Reuters company, are available for each of the Plan's investment options. These fact sheets are updated each quarter and provide the same categories of information and performance measures for each investment option, so that you can more easily compare them. You can find fund profiles and other fund information on the Plan website. If you do not have Internet access or wish to receive paper copies, you can call the Citi Benefits Center to request information as instructed under "How to Contact the Plan".
If you want analytic tools or advice, this information is available at no cost to you.
Alight Financial Education Center
This service is designed to provide Plan participants with financial education through the use of articles, videos, decision support tools and calculators at no charge to them. This service is available on the Plan website or by calling the Alight Financial Advisors.
Important Information
You are not obligated to use or accept advice you receive through the Alight Financial Education Center or the online platform. You should consider the service that you are most comfortable using given your level of investment experience and your need for additional information and assistance.
How you choose to invest your Plan accounts is entirely up to you. As a Citi employee, you have access to tools that let you plan for retirement on your own terms and at your own comfort level. Whether you have not yet started your retirement savings, you are actively saving and investing for retirement, or you are setting aside some pay for the future but feel you could do more, the above tools are designed to help you achieve your goals for your financial future.