Citi Benefits Handbook
Additional Features
Return of Premium at Death Benefit
A return of premium at death benefit is included in your coverage. This benefit will pay to your estate a portion of the premiums you paid, less any benefits paid or payable should you die prior to age 75 while covered under the LTC Plan. The portion of the premium is based on your age at the time of death, as shown below. Premiums are not returned if you are age 75 or older or if coverage is in reduced paid-up status.
Percentage of Premium Returned upon Death
65 or younger
75 or older
Waiver of Premium
On the first day of the month after you complete the qualification period, and provided you meet the benefit eligibility requirements under the policy on that date, your premium payments will be waived. The waiver will continue as long as you remain eligible for benefits.
If you retire or leave Citi, you may continue coverage at the Citi group rate. You will pay premiums directly to John Hancock. Your insured family members may also continue their coverage as long as premiums are paid when due and benefits have not been exhausted. If the group policy is terminated and coverage is replaced by other group coverage, LTC coverage may be continued under the replacement plan or continued through John Hancock.
Bed Reservation Benefit
The LTC Plan will continue to pay nursing home or alternate-care facility benefits for up to 60 days per calendar year if you leave the facility on a short-term basis while receiving LTC Plan benefits.
Alternate Plan of Care
An alternate plan of care can be established by mutual agreement among you, a licensed health care practitioner and John Hancock, if the John Hancock care coordinator identifies alternatives to the current plan that are both appropriate for you and cost-effective. The alternate plan of care may provide benefits for services or supplies not otherwise covered by the LTC Plan. Any benefits paid under an alternate plan of care will reduce the LMB.
Restoration of Benefits
The restoration of benefits feature allows you to restore your LMB if you provide proof that you:
  • Have not met the benefit eligibility criteria during the 24-month period up to and immediately preceding the date you request to restore your LMB;
  • Have not exhausted your LMB; and
  • Have been continuously insured on a premium-paying basis for at least 24 months just prior to your request.
Restoration does not apply if coverage is in reduced paid-up status. Your stay-at-home benefit lifetime maximum will not be restored.