Citi Benefits Handbook
When LTC Benefits Are Payable
In general, LTC benefits become payable if a licensed health care practitioner certifies that:
  • You require substantial assistance from another person to perform at least two "activities of daily living" due to a loss of functional capacity that is expected to continue for at least 90 days; or
  • You need substantial supervision due to a "cognitive impairment"; and
  • You complete the qualification period.
Activities of daily living generally are bathing, maintaining continence, dressing, toileting, eating, and transferring into or out of a bed or chair. Cognitive impairment is a deterioration or loss of intellectual capacity comparable to Alzheimer's disease and similar forms of irreversible dementia.
You become eligible for benefits only upon confirmation of your qualifying condition by a care coordinator from John Hancock. The insured or the insured's representative must call the toll-free number to notify John Hancock of a potential claim as soon as possible.
With limited exceptions, LTC benefits generally will not be payable until the end of a 90-day "qualification period" that begins from the date John Hancock certifies that you meet the benefit eligibility requirements. The qualification period needs to be met only once as long as you remain continuously insured.
Your qualifying condition must continue through this period, but you do not have to actually incur expenses, receive long-term care services or be hospitalized during this period. LTC benefits are payable for covered charges you incur after the qualification period is met as long as you remain eligible for benefits.