Citi Benefits Handbook
Using HCSA during an Unpaid Leave or after Your Termination of Employment
You can continue your HCSA coverage under COBRA through the end of the calendar year in which you take an unpaid leave of absence or your employment is terminated. If you do not continue coverage under COBRA, you cannot use the account for expenses incurred beyond the start date of your leave or your termination date, respectively. However, you will have until the following June 30 to submit your claims, including any pertinent supporting documentation to establish that a claim is eligible to be reimbursed, for services incurred before the start date of your leave or your termination date. Note: If your claims deadline falls within the COVID-19 Outbreak Period, your deadline will be recalculated to allow an additional 4 months to submit claims for reimbursement from the end of the Outbreak Period.
To continue your HCSA coverage under COBRA, contact the Citi Benefits Center through ConnectOne at 1 (800) 881-3938. See the For More Information section for detailed instructions, including TDD and international assistance.