Citi Benefits Handbook
If you do not use your CYC payment card and submit claim forms (via mail or fax) or submit your claims online for reimbursements, your reimbursements for eligible HCSA/LPSA and DCSA expenses will be deposited directly into your bank account or, if no direct deposit account is on file, sent via check to your address of record. To add direct deposit account information, visit the CYC website, available through My Total Compensation and Benefits at
In the event an expense reimbursed by any of the spending accounts is not eligible for reimbursement, you agree to reimburse Citi within 60 days of the original card swipe for any amount owed. In the event that amounts are owed under the HCSA/LPSA, your payment card will be suspended until acceptable documentation (showing that the expense is eligible) or repayment is received. Upon approval of documentation or repayment, the card will be reactivated within 48 hours. If repayment or acceptable documentation is never received, the funds paid for an ineligible expense may be written off as taxable income, and the suspension on the payment card will be lifted.