Citi Benefits Handbook
Geriatric Assistance Program
When an older relative's physical or mental health changes or his or her ability to handle routine activities is impaired, the stress on you and your family can be significant, and few people have the expertise to determine which concerns require immediate care. The situation can be even more difficult for those who live at a distance from older relatives.
The Geriatric Assistance Program can provide the following:
  • Professional consultation with a highly experienced counselor who can answer common caregiving questions;
  • Assistance with care planning, including a full assessment of the adult's health and living situation;
  • A review of the quality of care in different facilities; and
  • Implementation and coordination of caregiving services to meet the needs of the older adult and family members.
Call the Geriatric Assistance Program through Citi's Be Well or Work/Life programs:
Be Well Program
1 (800) 952-1245
TTY: 711, then 1 (800) 952-1245
Work/Life Program
1 (866) 449-9933; select option #2 for the Work/Life Program