Citi Benefits Handbook
Express Scripts Home Delivery
For prescriptions for maintenance medications that you have filled three times at a retail pharmacy, you must use the Express Scripts Home Delivery program beginning on your fourth fill to avoid paying 100% of the cost of the drug.
Through Express Scripts Home Delivery, you can buy up to a 90-day supply at one time. You will make one home-delivery copay for each prescription drug or refill after you first meet your deductible, and your cost will be less than what you would pay to purchase the same drug or refill at a retail network pharmacy.
When you use Express Scripts Home Delivery:
  • Your medications are dispensed by one of the Express Scripts Home Delivery pharmacies and delivered to your home.
  • Medications are shipped by standard delivery at no cost to you. You will pay for express shipping.
  • You can order and track your refills online at, or you can call Express Scripts at 1 (800) 227-8338 to order your refill by telephone.
  • Registered pharmacists are available 24/7 for consultations.
Please note that Express Scripts does not accept manufacturer coupons for prescriptions filled through the Home Delivery pharmacy.