Citi Benefits Handbook
Retail Network Pharmacies with Express Scripts
When you need a prescription filled the same day — for example, an antibiotic to treat an infection — you can go to one of the thousands of pharmacies nationwide that participate in the Express Scripts network and obtain up to a 34-day supply for your copay (once you meet your deductible).
For some drugs to be covered, you may have to provide a letter from your physician. Prescriptions may be screened for specific requirements and must be related to the diagnosis for which they are prescribed.
If you expect to have a prescription filled more than three times, it is more cost-efficient to use the Express Scripts Home Delivery program.
To find out whether a pharmacy participates in the Express Scripts network:
  • Ask your pharmacist;
  • Download the Express Scripts free mobile app from your device's app store (search for "Express Scripts"); or
  • Call Express Scripts at 1 (800) 227-8338 and follow the prompts for the retail pharmacy locator.
A network pharmacy will accept your prescription and prescription drug ID card and, once you have met your deductible, will charge you the appropriate copay/coinsurance for a covered drug. Your copay/coinsurance will be based on whether your prescription is for a generic drug, a preferred brand-name drug on the Express Scripts Preferred Formulary, or a non-preferred drug. If you purchase a drug that is not covered under the Program, you will pay 100% of the full, non-discounted price of the drug. See "Drugs Not Covered" for more information.